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Personal Wedding Site

Sam Randels
January 1st, 2020 · 1 min read

Why on earth is this part of my portfolio?

This site presented a particular challenge for me. It was one of the first sites I built that had a large and diverse group of stakeholders. While obviously myself and my fiancee are the main parties involved, the website also had to function for family and friends ranging from young adults to centenarians.

Every aspect of the website had to be clear, concise, and intuitive, as well as present an elegant face to the world.

How it’s built

The site is built primarily using bootstrap as a front-end framework with custom Sass/Scss mixins applied for theming. Smooth scroll and scrollspy are written as custom functionality. Accessibility was very important, so most typography is very contrasting, and the page is fully functional using a screenreader.

The site was also used as a testing and learning ground for Google Analytics and Google Lighthouse audits.

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